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Seller's Guide

"You will receive an unprecedented level of service, which is based on experience and the most effective marketing techniques." Lianet Manzano- Realtor®

When you partner with Realtors® Chris + Lianet, you receive expert guidance tailored to meet your needs and goals.


When listing your property with Chris & Lianet, you will partner with a trusted, local team of real estate advisor. Our agents are equipped with the best support, knowledge, resources and tools to guide you through this major life change. Most importantly, they care about you like you are part of their family. Using your personal goals as a guide, they will move you from the life you have to the life of your dreams.

You can expect a basic level of services with any Agent. However, Chris & Lianet, we believe you deserve much more, including extraordinary customer service, the most effective marketing tactics, and the knowledge of years of time-tested strategies.

Learn more about how we put your home in the best possible position to sell, give you the opportunity to net the most at closing and build a solid foundation for your next step in life.

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Technology Advantage

Your home will be featured on the leading regional websites and automatically propagated to over 100+ sites like Zillow, Trulia, and, which gives your house a competitive advantage on the market.

Getting additional reach and exposure on the Internet.

Your listing will be displayed on all devices from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets.


Potential homebuyers can easily interact with photos and videos of your home all within the easy-to-use gallery.

The total livable square footage of your home will be displayed - not just the above grade finished square footage. We will also highlight specific features of your home that will appeal to buyers in our local market; for example, if your home has a fireplace or a walk-out basement or if your property is fenced or has a wooded lot.

When you are a customer, your property receives additional enhancements on the Web.

  • Automatically syndicates to hundreds of property listing webpages.

  • Enhanced listings on

  • Listing featured on HomeSnap app.

  • FREE Virtual tour of your listing.

  • Large social media presence.

  • Real estate trends delivered to your inbox.

Personalized Reports & Market Data

Information is always power. By staying updated on the latest market trends, you will understand the market in your neighborhood. This data will help you make better decisions throughout the selling process.

Investment Chart

Getting Power through Real Estate Market Data


There are two valuable documents we will provide you with. The first is a Neighborhood Report, which gives you a snapshot of the week’s activity, including listings that are currently active and the ones that have pended and sold. The second is a Seller’s Report, which summarizes the number of people who have viewed and interacted with your listing online.


Traditional Marketing

We offer a variety of traditional marketing, from reverse prospecting which allows us to target other Realtors who have buyers ready, willing, and able to purchase your home. We also create traditional flyers and mailers to ensure that your property is getting the exposure it desvers.

In addition to cutting-edge technology, Manzano Real Estate still employs several traditional marketing methods to drive interest in your home. We put your home in the best possible position to sell from sending postcards to announcing the listing at sales meeting.

  • Just Listed and Just Sold postcards

  • Host open houses

  • Shared with other agents

  • Professional Photos

  • Facts and trends newsletter

Team Meeting

Full Service In-House Team

You and your Manzano Real Estate agent aren’t the only ones who are helping to sell your home. When you list with us, you receive the benefit of the entire Manzano team. Our local marketing experts are there for you when you run into questions or need additional exposure for your home.

A Family of Services


You can rely on our family of services to help your real estate transaction be less overwhelming and confusing. We partner with trusted companies to help provide you with the easiest and best experience. Representatives from these companies will be in regular communication with us, so it is a seamless, smooth experience.

Local Marketing Expertise

You have the resources of local marketers who are trained to help increase exposure for your listing. They work with your agent to help promote your home, and are there to answer any questions or concerns. The team combines local expertise with knowledge from partnerships with top marketers nationwide to deliver you the best strategies to increase excitement for your listing and to get your home sold.

Full-time Customer Service Department

Buyers inquiring on your listings will experience extraordinary service when working with our full-time customer service team. They work hard to make people feel welcomed and part of the Manzano family. The team is also here to answer any questions you may have along the way. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to start or if you know exactly what you want, we can help you get where you need to go.

Years of Experience

We have had the honor of caring for families just like yours. We are blessed to stay in business because of local families have let us into their homes and trusted us with what is often their most important investment of their lifetime.


We do not take this responsibility lightly. We see you as part of our family and work hard to deliver the best for you. From keeping updated on local market trends to rolling out cutting-edge new technology, we never stop learning, innovating or adding value to people’s lives.

Although we’ve grown, we have not compromised our local family touch. We are uncompromising in our core values of trustworthiness, a belief in extraordinary service, loyalty and giving back to our communities.

Perhaps of our core values the one that is the most important is that we are family. When you work with us, you become part of the Manzano family. We work hard for you, care for you and will do what it takes to ensure you have a good experience.

Our commitment to you is to move you from the live you have to the life of your dreams.

Our Rich History


We are built on integrity, honesty and family. Chris, a Miami native with a knack for Information Management, met Lianet, a Cuban transplant who moved to Miami at age 5 and excelled in Education. Together, they combined their unique skills to navigate the Miami real estate landscape. The duo is now a powerhouse in the industry, turning dreams into addresses one home at a time.

Staying Ahead of the Curve


Whether it’s the technology or the market, the world of real estate is constantly changing. We are constantly changing with it. Innovation and constant learning has driven our company.

Strong Leadership Team

Chris and Lianet Manzano combine deep market knowledge with unwavering integrity to guide clients through the Miami real estate landscape. With keen negotiation skills and strategic foresight, they turn complex transactions into seamless experiences. Their leadership shines in building lasting relationships, always prioritizing client needs over short-term gains.

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