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Nurturing Florida's Waters: The Manzano Real Estate Team & Captains for Clean Water Initiative

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Nurturing Florida's Waters

Florida, the Sunshine State, boasts picturesque beaches, stunning coral reefs, and magnificent wetlands. However, this natural paradise is faced with severe water quality issues that threaten both its environment and residents. Today, we are shedding light on Florida’s water quality concerns and discussing how the Manzano Real Estate Team is taking a step forward to contribute to the solution with Captains for Clean Water.

The Issue: Florida’s Water Quality

Florida's water quality challenges are multifaceted. The state has been grappling with red tide outbreaks, loss of seagrass habitats, pollution from agricultural runoff, and the impact of invasive species on freshwater ecosystems. These issues not only affect Florida's delicate ecology but also have significant repercussions on the local

communities, economy, and the real estate market.

Introducing Captains for Clean Water

To address these challenges, various organizations are working tirelessly to restore and protect Florida's waters. Among them, Captains for Clean Water, a non-profit organization, holds a special place. Founded by a group of fishing guides in 2016, Captains for Clean Water fights for clean, healthy water systems in Florida. They focus on educating the public, advocating for science-based policies, and encouraging collaboration between community members and d


Manzano Real Estate Team: A Proud Supporter

We, at the Manzano Real Estate Team, recognize the essence of preserving Florida's waters for current and future generations. As realtors who assist individuals and families in finding their dream homes, we understand the vital role that a healthy environment plays in the quality of life and the value of properties. That's why we are proud supporters of Captains for Clean Water.

As part of our support, we are committed to spreading awareness about water quality issues and the importance of community involvement in protecting our precious water bodies. Our team donates and participates in events organized by Captains for Clean Water, contributing to the organization's mission.

Your Role in Protecting Florida’s Waters

But, we can’t do this alone. The protection and restoration of Florida’s waters require collective efforts. We invite you to join us in supporting Captains for Clean Water. By donating to this reputable organization, you are investing in the sustainable future of Florida’s waters.

Captains for Clean Water has shown that with knowledge, passion, and action, change is possible. Don't let the tide of indifference erode the beauty and vitality of our waters. Take the plunge with us!

Visit to learn more and make a donation. Together, let’s create ripples of positive change for Florida’s waters!

Written with immense pride and hope, The Manzano Real Estate Team

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